Can Daily CPAP Use Be Convenient?

We hear all the time how inconvenient it is to use Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) machines daily.  We hear problems from users that range from feelings of claustrophobia wearing the mask to complaints of the necessary daily cleaning.  The cleaning is necessary because moist, warm environment of the hydration tank, hose and mask are the idea environment for microbial invaders like bacterial and mold to grow.  When improperly cleaned or left unclean users can sometimes see bacterial growth or they’ll notice the smell of mildew or bad tastes associated with using their CPAP device. These cleaning and other inconvenience complaints helped us create CPAP Hydration Fluid.  

Our patented CPAP Hydration Fluid is ultra pure and doesn’t promote microorganism growth in your heated hydration chamber, your hose or your mask.  Distilled water can still have dissolved solids and micronutrients that could promote bacterial growth. After opening gallon jugs, bacteria, molds and fungus start invading the bottle as soon as you open the cap.  

Our patented product is designed with your safety and your convenience in mind.  CPAP Hydration Fluid undergoes a 9 step purification process to remove all dissolved solids, micronutrients and heavy metals.  Each 12 ounce single serve bottle of hydration fluid can be used easily at home or while traveling.  Don’t take our word for the value CPAP Hydration Fluid provides to the user, listen to Don, who has been using the product for 3 months.